I’m not feeling well.

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I have a rash. (ผื่น)I have the flu. (ไข้หวัด)I have a pink eye. (ตาแดง)I have a bruise. (รอยฟกช้ำ)
I have a cold. (เป็นหวัด)I have a sore throat. (เจ็บคอ)I have a headache (ปวดหัว)I twisted my ankle. (ข้อเท้าบิด)
I have a food poisoning (อาหารเป็นพิษ)I feel dizzy. (วิงเวียน)I feel sick. (ป่วย)I have a nosebleed. (กำเดาไหล)

– Language Focus: Asking, giving suggestion and wishing someone well.

1. Asking how someone feels2. Saying hoe you feel
How are you?I’m not feeing well.
How have you been?I don’t feel so good.
How is it going?I feel awful.
3. Asking about sympton4. Describing problem
Waht’s wrong?I have …
What are your symptoms?I feel …
What’s the problem?
5. Giving advice6. Wishing someone well
You should/shouldn’t …Take it easy.
Why don’t you …?Get well soon.
If I were you, I would …I hope you feel better.


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