How would you like to pay ?

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Vocabulary Put these service in the right group

free shippingexpress mail servicebuy one get one free
QR code paymentfree giftscash
registered mailgift cardbank transfers
pick up from the store30% discount voucherbuy one get one half off
PromotionsPayment serviceDelivery service
buy one get one free
free gifts
30% discount voucher
buy one get half off
QR code payment
Bank transfers
gift card
free shipping
express mail service
registered mail
pick up from the store

Language focus: Asking about payment and delivery service

PromotionsMaking a payment
Do you have any sale promotions at the moment?
– We have …
– We offer …
– Alright, I’ll take it.
– Let me look around first.
How would you like to pay?
– I will pay by _____________, please.
-__________________, please
-______________________ is fine by me.
— cash
–debit/credit card
–QR code payment
–bank transfer
Can you send it by ___________________ ?
– an express mail service
– a registered mail.
– ______[name] courier service.
Do you have free shipping?
Will I get the product by / within __________ ?
Can I pick it / them up from the store instead ?


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