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Vocabulary: Complete the questions with the given words. Then share and explain you answers

rush hour (ชั่วโมงเร่งรีบ)manage (จัดการ)dream destination (ปลายทางแห่งความฝัน)make up to someone (ขอคืนดีกับใครสักคน)
fortune telling (ทำนายอนาคต)see eye to eye (เห็นตรงกัน)volunteering activity (กิจกรรมอาสาสมัคร)deal with (จัดการกับเรื่องอะไรสักอย่าง)
  1. Where is your dream desination? Why do you want to go there?
  2. Do you belive in fortune telling? What questions would you ask to know about your future?
  3. What’s the best way to make up to someone after a fight?
  4. What’s the best way to get around during rush hour in big cities?
  5. What is the best way to deal with unfriendly colleagues?
  6. What kind of volunteering activity do you prefer? Building houses or feeding animals?
  7. What’s the best way to manage time better?
  8. In your opinion is it important to see eye to eye with your boss?

Language Focus I useful Exprssion for Expression Opinions

Aksing for and OpinionExpression an Opinion
What do you think about [noun / ]?In my opinion
Do you agree that [subject + verb] / my view
Do you thing that [subject + verb] / think / belive / guess that

Practice noun clause start with “that”

  1. Do / Important / that / you / agree / is / reading / ?
    Do you agree that reading is important ?
  2. think / you / students / that / shouldn’t / questions / ask / Do / ?
    Do you think that students shouldn’t ask questions ?
  3. in / view / children / listen / should / to my / parents.
    In my view children should listen to my parents.


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