Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

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– Vocabulary: Groups of food

yogurt (โยเกิร์ต)potato (มันฝรั่ง)grape (องุ่น)pork (เนื้อหมู)bun (ซาบาเปา)pasta (พาสต้า)poultry (สัตว์ปีก)
sheimp (กุ้ง)rambutan (เงาะ)bean (ถั่ว)butter (เนย)scrambled egg (ไข่ข้น)lettuce (ผักกาดหอม)guava (ฝรั่ง)
cereal (ซีเรียล)beef (เนื้อวัว)noodles (ก๋วยเตี๋ยว)watermelon (แตงโม)squid (หมึก)brown rice (ข้าวกล้อง)condensed milk (นมข้น)
dairyvegetablefruitsmeat and proteingrains/ carbohydrates
condensed milk (นมข้น)
yogurt (โยเกิร์ต)
butter (เนย)
potato (มันฝรั่ง)
bean (ถั่ว)
lettuce (ผักกาดหอม)
grape (องุ่น)
rambutan (เงาะ)
guava (ฝรั่ง)
watermelon (แตงโม)
pork (เนื้อหมู)
sheimp (กุ้ง)
poultry (สัตว์ปีก)
scrambled egg (ไข่ข้น)
beef (เนื้อวัว)
bun (ซาบาเปา)
pasta (พาสต้า)
cereal (ซีเรียล)
noodles (ก๋วยเตี๋ยว)
brown rice (ข้าวกล้อง)

– Language Focus: Some & Any

Count nounsNoncount nouns
an apple, a tomato, apples, tomatosmilk, cereal
Do you have any apples?
Yes, I have some apples.
No, I don’t have any apples.
Do you have any milk?
Yes, I have some milk.
No, I don’t have any milk.

– Practice:

  1. I don’t have any eggs left at home.
  2. My mom usually has some buns and coffee for breakfast.
  3. I bring some fruits to work every day.
  4. Do you plan to buy any wine for your birthday party?
  5. They don’t want any water right now.
  6. I made some sanwiches for breakfast.
  7. Do you have any sugar at home?
  8. I’ll buy some salad and apples before I go home.
  9. Jim wants to have some ice cream after dinner.
  10. My little brother doesn’t have any milk with hit cereal. But he has some soymilk instead.


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