I Always Hang Up My Clothes

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– Vocabulary: Chores Phrasal verb

stock up the frige (ตุนของในตู้เย็น)cook up a meal (ปรุงอาหาร)pick up the magazines (เก็บนิตยสาร)sweep up the floor (กวาดพื้น)
clean up the yard (ทำความสะอาดพื้นที่)hang up the clothes (แขวนเสื้อผ้า)put away the dishes (เก็บจาน)wash up the dishes (ล้างจาน)
wipe off the counter (เช็คเคาร์เตอร์)clean out the cabinet (ทำความสพอาดตู้, เคลีย์ตู้)freshen up the room (ทำให้ห้องสดชื่น)take out the garbage (เก็บขยะ)

– Language Focus: Separable Phrasal Verb

– I take out the garbage.
– I take the garbage out.
– I take it out.
– Could you hang up your clothes?
– Could you hang your clothes up?
– Cloud you hang them up?
– I wash up the dishes.
– I wash the dishes up.
– I wash them up.
– You need to wipe off the counter.
– You need to wipe the conter off.
– You need to wipe it off.

– Practice: Complete the sentences with the correct verbs. Use “it” or “them”

clean outfreshen uppick uptake out
clean up hang upput awaywipe off
  1. A living room is a mess. Let ‘s clean it up before mon and dad come back.
  2. Why are your clothes on the chair? Can you hang them up in the closet?
  3. The garbage is full. Could you clean it out right away, please?
  4. This closet is full of old clothes and bage. Let’s put them away .
  5. The dishes are in the dishwasher. Would you take them out for me?
  6. This table isn’t clean. Can you wipe it off before dinner, please?
  7. Why is the house smell so bad? Could you freshen it up before the party?
  8. Your books and magazine are all over the floor. Would you pick them up, please?


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