Getting Around

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– Vocabulary: Fill the verbs into the matching sentences

drive (ขับรถ)on foot (ด้วยเท้า)take (รับ)commute by (เดินทางโดย)
ride (ขี่)get to …. by (ไปถึงโดย)fly to (บินไป)get around by (ไปไหน มาไหน)
  1. My father likes to ride motorcycle to the mall. He can get there quickly in traffic.
  2. I usually go to school on foot because my school is close to my house, less than 10-minute walk.
  3. We will travel to Japan next week. We will fly to Haneda airport.
  4. It is better to commute by BTS to the office during rush hours.
  5. Jane doesn’t know how to drive a car but she knows how to ride a bicycle.
  6. I get to the post office by bus because it is cheap.
  7. My friends live in a big city. They get around by different transportation such as subway and taxi.
  8. We have to take the next train to Huahin.

– Language Focus: Simple present statements

Present SimpleSingularPlural
AffirmativeHe/ She/ Jane drives to work
Most verbs add –
Some verbs add -es: s, sh, ch, x, 0
Verbs ending in -y change to ies
Some verbs change – have -> has
I/ You/ We/ They drive to work
NegativeHe/ She/ Jane doesn’t drive to workI/ You/ We/ They don’t drive to work
Yes/No- QuestionDoes he/ she /Jane drive to work?Do I/ you/ We/ They drive to work?
Wh-QuestionWhen does he/ she/ Jane drive to work?When do I/ you/ We /They drive to work?

– Practice: Complete the sentences using present simple form

  1. I take [take] the cus to school. I don’t walk [not/walk].
  2. Jonathan has [have] a car. He drives [drive] to work.
  3. Anne doesn’t walk [not/walk] to school because the weather is too hot.
  4. Do you ride [ride] a bicycle on the weekend?
  5. My parents take [take] the train to work. They go [go] to the city.
  6. Jennie usually flies [fly] to Australia. Her mom lives [live] there.
  7. My neighbor rides [ride] a motorcycle to work. He doesn’t have [not/have] a car.
  8. When do you commute [commute] to work?
  9. My family an I don’t like [not/like] to fly. We normally drive [drive] a car.
  10. Jane doesn’t take [not/take] the bus. She usually takes [take] a subway.
  11. Does your sister get [get] to university van?
  12. My friends and I go [go] Huahin once a year. We normally take [take] a train there.


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