My Behavior

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– Vocabulary

nervous (วิตกกังวล)jealous (อิจฉา)surprised (ประหลาดใจ)annoyed (ลำคาญ)relaxed (ผ่อนคลาย)
confused (สับสน)exhausted (เหนื่อย)stressed (เครียด)enthusiastic (กระตือรือล้น)proud (ภูมิใจ)
joyful (มีความสุข)frustrated (หงุดหงิด)excited (ตื่นเต้น)lonely (เหงา)frightened (กลัว)

– Language Focus: Zero Conditional

  • Zero conditional us used to decribe things that are generally true, routines and habits.
  • Use the present simple tense for both the “if” clause and the “main clause”

structure : If / when subject + v.1 + subject + v.1

A: What do you do if you have a really important exam?
B: If I have a really important exam, I study a lot.


  1. If I’m nervous before and exam. I take a deep breath and try to relax.
  2. When I’m busy with chores at home, I ask my family member to do some.
  3. If I wake up and feel hungry, I have simething healthy, like an apple.
  4. When I get angry at someone, I usaully don’t say anything to him or her.
  5. If my friends don’t call me for a few days, I start to get lonely.
  6. When I feel sleepy on Sunday mornings, I like to stay in bed.


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